the idea

what is clookbook?

Right now, is a food blog that serves as a collection of my favorite and most commonly used recipes. To date, I have found this to be the most logical way of sharing what I consider to be great meals. You’ll notice that my taste buds tend to favor Italian but also international cuisines like Indian and Thai. Living in Hoboken, we have what seems to be infinite access to some of the best and exotic restaurants in the world which in turn is an anoint source of inspiration to clookbook.

One day, I hope to see cookbook evolve into a broader tool which will help inspire, educate and demystify the art of cooking for working professionals who are short on time, but not appetite.

The word itself is a derived combination of  a cookbook (collection of recipes) and a lookbook (collection of photographs).

cookbook + lookbook = clookbook

The ultimate goal is to empower us to take control of our diets by preparing our own satisfying meals using nutritional, healthy ingredients.

2 Comments on “the idea”

  1. Patricia says:

    Really enjoy your recipes as well as your commentary…!!! Great idea!

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