About Me

My name’s Taposh and I’m a 31 year-old married guy that lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

I’m the designated chef in our family.  I cook, she cleans.  I wish it was that simple…

My interest in food & cooking goes back to my childhood. One of my most vivid memories was the annual Passover Seder my mom took us to at the local synagogue in Jersey City. Instead of sitting down at the table like a normal person, I would spend the entire night in the kitchen helping prepare and serve the meal to a group of 30 strangers.

As a kid, the thought of a healthy, gourmet home cooked meal was a pipe-dream. My mom, also the designated chef of her family, worked a full-time job and lacked the time, resources and inspiration to provide us with restaurant-style meals.  To me, the standard was the restaurant (we were poor, so I’m talking KFC, Pizza Hut and chinese food) and anything shy of a beautifully plated sit-down dinner was a let-down.

As a recently married thirty-something, I find myself in a similar predicament today as my mom did 25 years ago. After a long and mentally draining day at the office, the last thing I want to do is address the age-old-question of “what’s for dinner”. That’s just the beginning…once I finally determine what to make, it’s onto learning how to make it and whether or not I actually have the ingredients. Living in Hoboken where there’s a restaurant on every block, we often fall victim to the temptation that is take-out (Indian, Thai, burgers…you name it), an option that comes at the expense of our wallets and our health. Now imagine throwing kids into the equation…

There has to be a better way and that’s where clookbook.com enters the picture.

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