Freshly Sliced Pineapple

I’m here to share a fun new gadget I recently discovered. It makes cutting pineapples easy and it’s called a pineapple corer.

I know…I’m probably late to the party, but hear me out. Despite my growing passion for cooking, I am a self-admited utensil snob. I consider most shiny new gadgets to be nothing both clutter. My first preference is to always get my hands dirty and prepare food the old fashion way, relying on only a few vital utensils. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m not even a fan of the dishwasher!  No pain no gain, right?

My brother and Allie recently got me a bunch of stuff from William-Sonoma. One of the items in the gift set was an avocado cuber. The thought was great, but I’ve been cubing avocados with a basic knife for years and could not find the space in my kitchen or mental will to accept this gift. Call me stubborn, but I had to return it. While on line at the register, I saw a pineapple corer and decided to give it a shot since my existing pineapple cutting experience far from pleasant. The results were great. The process was mess-free and allowed me to cut full slices (rather than small cubes using my old method).


  1. cut off the top of a pineapple
  2. place pineapple in a bowl
  3. press corer into the pineapple and turn clockwise while applying firm pressure
  4. turn until you reach the bottom. you will feel the resistance
  5. unscrew the corer by turning router clockwise and pulling with a little pressure


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4 Comments on “Freshly Sliced Pineapple”

  1. The photography is absolutely incredible. That is all :D

  2. kat says:

    such beautiful photos!!

  3. Michael says:

    Agreed. The photos are excellent!!

  4. [...] Freshly Sliced Pineapple ( [...]

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